Genre: Action/Adventure, tentpole, cli-fi.
Format: Feature Screenplay, Novel
Tagline: We’ve passed the tipping point.

Logline: A determined geologist stumbles onto a sparkling replacement for oil and must fight time, enemies and his own troubled past to bring it to the world.

UNDER ERCIYES (which translates as "Under the White Mountain") is contemporary action/adventure adapted from the novel that received the International Green Book Festival Award prize for fiction.

John Sanderson has a reoccurring dream of an experience he'd had as a twelve year-old when he'd stumbled onto an underwater cave filled with a strange light.

Twenty-five years later, he’s a determined geologist fighting hardened enemies in search of the source of that light - a mineral to replace oil - through clues obtained in murals at an archaeological dig under Mount Erciyes in Turkey.

Mount Erciyes, a beautiful and exotic locale, is a world at the tipping point. The mountain's thirty million year old glacier is melting, the Kurdish crew is part of a militia, and an unknown enemy is after John Sanderson.

Sharing the danger is Jenny Welsh, a Kansas geochemist, and the rugged Aussie archaeologist, Kyle Rogers, a risk taker who's become part of his Kurdish crew.

It's not long before a triangle develops between the three main characters as they race against time to find the underwater cave from John’s youth.


In the tradition of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Da Vinci Code and National Treasure, UNDER ERCIYES tells the story of a determined geologist who stumbles onto a sparkling replacement for oil and must fight to bring it to the world.

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