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A dedicated participant in the Scan the World project which scans and prints rare artifacts to preserve them, Janet is a specialist in rare and imported marble, gypsum/alabaster, wood, basalt, clay and brass filaments, and uses those filaments to print museum pieces, at-risk artifacts, nature, and people.

Scanned figures in gypsum/alabaster
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Scroll Horse in Wood

Grecian Vase in Italian Marble
Scan the World Project

Veiled Standing Lady
Raffaelo Monti, Italian, c. 1860
Printed in Italian Marble Filament
Software: Scan the World Project

Athena printed in Italian Marble
Scanned at Los Angeles Museum County of Art

Seated horse printed in Italian clay filament.
Modeling software: fantasygraph by pauloblank

Elephant scanned from sculpture on display in Oakland, CA.
Printed in Italian basalt filament.

Veiled Lady, Raffaelo Monti, Italian, c. 1860,
Minneapolis Institute of Art.
Printed in Italian marble filament

Princess Mary Tin, 1914, British Museum.
Printed in brass filament. 
Modeling software from Scan the World Project.